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WTC 7 - Collapse Issues & Features of Old and New Building (History Chan...

Publicado em 21 de mar de 2014
Documentary was produced about 4 years before NIST finally came up with the own collapse initiation hypothesis for WTC 7 in Aug. 2008, dismissing FEMA-BPAT's idea of transfer structures failure at floors 5-7 due to diesel fires as collapse cause.

(NIST = National Institute of Standards and Technology,
FEMA = Federal Emergency Management Agency,
BPAT = Building Performance Assessment Team,
ASCE = American Society of Civil Engineers.)

- Prof. Jonathan Barnett (Worcester Polytechnic Institute, FEMA/ASCE WTC BPAT member, Oct. 2001-May 2002),
- Christopher Marrion (Arup Fire, FEMA/ASCE WTC BPAT member, Oct. 2001-May 2002),
- Irwin Cantor (Cantor Seinuk Group, chief structural engineer of original WTC 7),
- Janno Lieber (Senior Vice President of Silverstein Properties' subsidiary firm World Trade Center Properties).

Segment taken from HD version of Modern Marvels: Engineering Disasters - Episode 13 (History Channel, First aired: Nov. 17, 2004).

Reupload of an older version uploaded on May 2, 2010.
Horizontally overstretched display aspect ratio of 16:9 resized to 4:3. Volume has been auto-normalized in Adobe Audition CS5.
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